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Tours in Berlin (in english and others languages)

Our Offer for Berlin-Visitors

We offer the following exlusive and professional tours for indivuals groups in and around Berlin:

  • Standard (see details below)
    • Classics – Walltours and History Old Town
    • Kieztours (local area) – Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Friedrichshain and Wedding
    • Normal Duration of a „Standard-Tour“: 2 hours
    • Rate: 129 Euro (includes 10 Persons), additional person each 8 Euro (Fix-Rate from 20 Persons)
  • Individual
    • completely individual tour for your group in Berlin
    • you decide the start/end and the date/time and your favourite tour(area)
    • together we coordinate the tour course
    • Rate: 149 Euro (includes 10 Persons and 2 hours), additional person each 8 Euro (Fix-Rate from 20 Persons)
  • Languages: EN / FR / ES /  IT / DE

You can reach us:

  • per Email: info@inberlin.de (the best way;o)
  • very conveniently using the Contactform
  • per phone: +49 (0) 174-1574836

Berlin Tour-Details

Walltour (Middle-North)

Start a journey from the past to the present day. Start at the place where the wall fell first. It continues through the popular wallpark (Mauerpark) . At Bernauer Strasse is the variety of Wall Memorial and the North Station (Nordbahnhof), a former head train station (for long distances) and a ghost station at the time of the Wall has completed the tour. See the tracks, which has left the wall!

Walltour (Middle) and History Old Town

Starting from the former no man’s land (1961-1989), the Potsdamer Platz, toward the landmark Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and Germany, it leads you to the Reichstag, Berlin’s new central train station and the cemetery of the disability. These towns are located in the heart of the city of Berlin and have a critical role in the division of Germany and Berlin played. Stay tuned!

Local Area Tour – Prenzlauer Berg

Immerse yourself in the most popular districts of Berlin, which has experienced over the past 20 years, a rapid change! The tour starts on the Helmholtz square and ends height Oderberger Street / Kastanienallee. In this way, we encounter a variety of places and events that are typical of the history of Prenzlauer Berg.

Local Area Tour – Kreuzberg SO36

The district of Kreuzberg is an interesting mix once old and new buildings, old donuts and newcomers from all over the world. The Kreuzberg nights are long. Do you see a mosque from the inside, you walk along the legendary Admiral bridge and see the „real“ Kreuzberg(Cross) mountain with my own eyes. Experience the diversity of Kreuzberg on this tour.

Local Area Tour – Friedrichshain

A district over the course of time. On our tour we experience a district with diversity and contrasts in history and livestyle. Today an hotspot for young people from all over the world. Popular and trendy area with many bars, clubs, shops and cultural facilities in central Berlin. The district was in its beginnings until the fall of the Berlin Wall, an industrial center and easier working-class district. In the war ravaged by destruction, arose as a socialist reconstruction prestige the largest monument in Europe that we are going to look at our tour. But the Friedrichshain also stands for political civil resistance, alternative housing projects and the change for the expensive upmarket residential area of (Topic: Gentrification).

Local Area Tour – Neukölln

The name of Neukölln produce varying associations. Some think of a poor and run-down urban district, others see the new trendy area in front of him. In 1912, the old Rixdorf was renamed Neukölln to get rid of the bad reputation. Discover the origins of the once largest village of Prussia, old farmhouses, confident city Rixdorf and take a view from the top of the district. Come with us on a journey through time!

Local Area Tour – Wedding

Wedding polarized many visitors and Berliners. But the fact is there are some architectural gems, and more recently many artists‘ studios in this area! Past Pearl of the architect Schinkel, the river Panke, to the former vault factory and the former Luisenbad. And enjoy the beautiful views to the north of Berlin’s Humboldt Park. Meet a new Berlin soul!